Online Business Bill Pay

Just like our personal bill pay product, Business Bill Pay is a convenient way to pay all your business bills from one secure website, but with added features specialized for business management. Pay all your bills in minutes instead of hours, with no stamps, envelopes, or trips to the post office. In addition to paying bills, pay your employees with the convenience of direct deposit into their bank account.

Features Include:

  • Pay bills electronically or by check, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Schedule one-time payments or recurring payments
  • Add payees anytime
  • Utilize invoice/comments option to pay multiple invoices itemized into one payment
  • View payment history that can be saved into Microsoft Excel for reporting purposes

Scheduled Employee Deposits

  • Schedule employee deposits as a single payment or weekly, bi-weekly, monthly frequency
  • Direct Deposit is the fastest and most secure way to pay employees. No lost checks or worries about getting to the bank to deposit your paycheck.
  • Employee records can be added or updated at any time
  • Schedule employee deposits at least two business days before the payment date
  • Employee deposit history can be viewed and printed
  • Make electronic tax payments to the IRS through a convenient link to EFTPS

Manage Users

  • Multiple users can be given security settings
  • Dual approval gives the option for all payments to be approved by two users before processing


  • The fee for Business Bill Pay is $9.95 per month and includes 10 transactions. Additional transactions are $.50 each. There is no charge for the first three months of service.

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